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Arbeid i høyden : Fallsikring


Basic fall protection course

Fall protection course provides participants with increased knowledge about fall protection equipment and raising awareness of safety measures, to avoid personal injuries and accidents in the workplace. Basic safety training for those who work at height. The training is suitable for both personnel in construction, onshore industry and offshore activities. Use of personal protective equipment in the workplace, §15 in order no. 701. The regulations state that employees shall, among other things, have education and training in the use of the personal protective equipment to be used in the work.

The course is built as follows:

8 hours theory / practice

The course are completed over 1 day.



Engelsk Grunnleggende Fallsikring 8 timer
7 timer
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The Course Covers:
• Accidents that have occurred
• Current regulations
• Fall Protection Harnesses, shock absorbers, drop blocks, hooks, etc.
• Clearance height
• Sliding systems
• Adjustment locks
• Rescue and evacuation
• Inspection and maintenance
• Safety regulations for work at great heights



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