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Scaffolding construction course 2-5 meters

The course gives you who are going to build scaffolding a theoretical and practical introduction, so that you can safely and securely build scaffolding with the upper scaffolding floor up to 5 meters.

Through training, one must acquire the degree of knowledge about requirements in laws and regulations that is necessary to participate in independent construction of scaffolding. The training shall provide insight into the principles of construction, operation, maintenance and use, so that accidents in connection with the construction of scaffolding are avoided.


Must be 18 years of age or older.

The course is built as follows:

15 hours theory / practice

The course are copleted over 2 days.

Scaffolding 15 hours
14.5 timer
Ingen aktive/planlagte kurs.
Ett telefonnummer for informasjon eller påmelding: 815 35 053
The Course Covers:
• The necessity for training
• Accidents that have occurred
• A short introduction to laws and regulations
• A review of scaffold types such as:
  •  Facade scaffolding
  •  Rolling scaffolding
  • Craftsman scaffolding
Conducted on-site at the host company around the entire country.


Kobbervikdalen 61
3036 Drammen

Tlf: 815 35 053