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Offshore : Riggerkurs

Rigging course

The training should provide future riggers with good theoretical and practical basic training in the safe use of: Fall protection equipment, simple lifting devices and rigging equipment. The training should give participants good insight into the principles of the construction, operation, use and maintenance of fall protection equipment, simple lifting devices, transportable winches and rigging equipment, so that mishaps and accidents in connection with rigging operations are avoided.

The training also provides knowledge about rules regarding the control of rigging equipment, how this is done in principle, and what documentation must be provided before rigging equipment is put into use.
The riggers must also be able to demonstrate the correct use of fall protection systems, barriers/locking material and be able to assess their own and others' position during the rigging operation. HSE is a governing factor for riggers, they must have sufficient knowledge of all aspects that must be included in a risk analysis implementation such as SJA.


- Module 1 - Work environment, responsibilities and consequences

- Module 2.3 - G11 lifting Lifting equipment 

- Basic fall protection, ref. NS 9610 / NOROG guideline

The course is structured as follows:
Module P-2.4 - 16 hours of theory
Module P-4.4 - 32 hours of theory and practice

Carried out over 5 days.

P-2.4 Eng
14.5 timer
P-4.4 Eng
22.5 timer
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  • Review of requirements in NORSOK standard R003N
  • Use of hoists and simple lifting devices
  • Mechanics - how forces act on different structures
  • Lifting equipment
  • Setup control
  • Use of fall protection systems


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